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When a series gets an unexpected cover change




There’s Kaylee and Emma from Soul Screamers, but you’re right, female friendship representation is practically nonexistent

Thank you for chiming in :D I haven’t read Soul Screamers, but it’s on my TBR. And I though I was insane, but there really aren’t many book female friendships, are there?

I loved that series and their friendship was just great, realistic and strong through some crazy situations and yes. I want ALL the female friendships. 

read or start essay. hmmmmm

you know.. I’d usually say read since the essay isn’t due for a week BUT since thats what I usually would say I know it its not the good choice. I need to stop procrastinating because COLLEGE. but anyway I’m wearing eyeliner in  like an Egyptian style because I was procrastinating and I have eyeliner and thought “why not.” also I’m herre writing this post. ok ok bye


and the bookmark that was with babies


"We met when we were reading the same great book."


Fleur is ready for the Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry Read Along. Are you?

Rose Hathaway + Album Booklet



Here, I redid my updated bookshelf thing. I moved more books from my house and had to find places for all of them. All the shelves but 2 in the 2nd group are 2 stacks deep. Of the other 2 one is 3 stacks deep (mass markets are small) and the other is from the other shelf on the top group, so it’s only one deep.

It’s… It’s perfect